Routes in Favignana: diving and cycling Leisure and adventures in Favignana Island


Diving: the depths to be explored in Favignana

In the depths of the island you can admire the beautiful backdrops that represent one of the routes in Favignana not to be missed! The seabed in some cases reach a depth of about 50-60 meters. With appropriate security measures – are available on the island specialized instructors – you can enjoy a wide variety of fish, the numerous caves and large cracks. Do not miss diving the Secca del Toro.

Cala Rossa  (Cala Rossa Bay)

Area rich in archaeological remains of great importance to testimony of the first Punic War. It is said that the name of Cala Rossa derives precisely from the blood that colored his waters during the conflict.

Cala Rotonda Bay

Overlooking the sea, the bay is famous for the numerous underwater caves.

Punta Faraglione and Secca Sciubba (Faraglione Point & Sciubba Shoal)

The depths of Punta Faraglione are extremely rocky; However, towards Secca Sciubba, become soft and sandy.

Punta San Nicola

The depths are home to a wonderful cave of intense reddish color, due to the anemones that play.

Scoglio Palumbo (Sea Rock Palumbo)

Situated between the Secca del Toro and the islet of Preveto, the rock is an ideal place for lovers of photography: the presence in the backdrops of numerous wrecks represent an attractive opportunity for recovery.

Secca Furitana ( Furitana Shoal)

Area by rocky bottoms, populated by fish, sponges and abundant flora.

Secca del Toro (Taurus Shoal)

Area rich in flora and fauna: a study of the sixties on the vegetation of the Egadi Favignana back to about 570 species.


Diving: nature and sport on the island of Favignana

The sea around the island of Favignana, is ideal for the practice of diving and snorkeling. The island is in fact part of the Marine Protected Egadi and preserves seabed rich in numerous aquatic species. The diving centers offer the opportunity to take courses, diving tours or simply rent the equipment to transform one of the routes to Favignana in an unforgettable adventure.


Cycling and mountain biking: a tour of the island of Favignana

Se ami il contatto con la natura e lo sport, non possiamo che suggerirti un tour dell’ala est di Favignana: rigorosamente in bici, ovviamente! La posizione geografica de Le Casette è l’ideale per iniziare la gita: le case in affitto che ti offriamo si trovano infatti proprio nell’ala est dell’isola di Favignana, nel cuore del percorso che ti suggeriamo di fare in bicicletta o mountain bike. Diamo un’occhiata all’itinerario:

If you love the contact with nature and sport, we can only suggest a tour of the east wing of Favignana: strictly by bike, of course! The geographical location of Le Casette is the ideal start to the tour: rental properties that we are in fact just in the east of the island of Favignana, in the heart of the path that we suggest you do a bike or mountain bike . Let’s look at the itinerary:

  • Departure from the port of Favignana
  • Punta Fanfalo
  • Cala Azzurra
  • Cala Rossa
  • Return to the port

A cycle ride 14 miles characterized – mostly – a good road; even the dirt roads, however, are very easy. The network of roads and paths through the entire east wing along the coast, offering the beautiful scenery of some of the most picturesque beaches and coves of the island as Cala Rossa and Cala Azzura.Remember: the rent of a house in Le Casette includes free use of bikes that are already available. What aspects?  Ask an offer!.